Thursday, June 19, 2014


another wonderful day has started!

mama is teaching character dance today,
i am bringing my doll, sally.
last time, i brought rahshushca.
i still like to play with dolls, it's fun.
i'v learned that we should not be in a rush to grow-up,
but enjoy being kids, it doesn't last that long.
so i'm not in a hurry to grow-up, i'm happy with me,
i want other kids to be happy with them to.
things would be better if everyone was happy : )


  1. reading this makes me happy! my girls still like playing with their dolls too!

  2. I'm not in a hurry to grow up either. We could not grow up together.

  3. How many OFFICIAL fans do you have? If you don't have any REAL official ones, people who specifically requested to be in your fan club, can I be the first one? or if you have lots, how many, so I know which ordinal number i would be?

  4. Thats good : ), I'd love that,and i don't know how many fans I have,
    and don't have a fan-club, but you could be the first member!