Friday, June 20, 2014


my dog sprinkles, has to be one of the best dogs i'v ever seen.
she is vary tender-hearted, the slightest thing makes her get up.
she loves tummy-rubs, when i come over to her she rolls over for some.
she dose'it like me to get up while i'm siting with her,
she paws me, she puts her paw on my lap to keep me from getting up.
she is loving, and is always looking for some.
she bites the fur off her butt, and chews holes in her skin.
i want her to stop, don't bite holes in my dog sprinkles!
she only goes outside when i do, sometimes i trick into going outside
to pee and rush inside when she gets out.
she has this chair that she sleeps on every day, all the dogs love it there.

well that's about it, good girl, sprinkles!


  1. sprinkles is blessed to have you, as you are blessed to have sprinkles~!