Wednesday, April 27, 2016

So I'm Starting a Show...

And i need people to, well, make the show. Here's a list of what i need
  1. Animators, as many as possible
  2. A few Story boarders
  3. Someone to be the Oksana, and in case you're wondering, Oksana runs the brake room on "Odd Squad" (PBS Kids), one of my favorite shows (NO SHAME, IT IS AWESOME)
What is the show about? Well. It follows three characters, Ziva, Noam, and Titania(yes, from "A Midsummer's Night Dream"). And it's pretty much what their world is like with humans, magical beings, people from fairy tails, and people from Shakespeare living together. it may get a plot later on, but i would like some practice first.
The catch: I won't be able to pay anyone(at least not much) until the pilot is made and we find a channel.

The benefits:
Gaining experience
Helping a 12 year old child with a dream of hers

So if anyone can animate, story board, or be the Oksana. Please let me know!

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